Let us introduce you the main theme of the game “xPixels”!

Let us introduce you the main theme of the game “xPixels”!

Already our games are ready. We are ready morally too. However, we cannot start up yet! At the 11th hour, partners from Sweden decided to join us so we had to correct out plans in order to introduce new unique projects in the near future! But not this is important now! Today we started out cooperation with very famous studio, which accorded recognition not only in Russia but also in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus! Believe me, it’s worth the wait!

The event as itself we decided to strengthen with output of our main theme of the game “xPixels”! «Untitled Project Of Maks_SF» created the track in March 2016. However, only now the track was approved.

We decided not to tell the details concerning the project yet but asked the person who knows about the project absolutely everything — «Untitled Project Of Maks_SF» to tell some words about his track:

«As a matter of fact creating the main theme for “xPixels” became something absolutely new for me. I can’t say that I had never created something like that. Such a minimalism is very abundant in my work but I have never created the music with such an atmosphere. Developers let me to become familiar with the project and issued me the challenge to create the track that will be not only background music for gameplay but also complete it, to create an atmosphere of easiness and positive mood of a gamer. Taking into consideration that my music represents combination of various shades of sadness and darkness the task wasn’t simple. Have I coped the task? It’s up to you!», — Said the «Untitled Project Of Maks_SF»

A little about the «Untitled Project Of Maks_SF”:

Untitled Project Of Maks_SF (real name Maks Simchenko) is a composer, sound-engineer and music producer from Minsk, Belarus. He is widely known with his boundless imagination and for ignoring all of the musical frameworks. He gained his popularity after his collaboration with RCD Mallorca, Marriott Rewards, ESL Gaming, Copetrol, Gameloft, Kog’s Games, Atomilab Studio and other companies. His composition «Everything will Fade Away» was featured on the Made in By’s OST (Italian documentary about Belarus). At the moment Maks has 4 full-length albums and each of them has unique sounding and style.

The track is being distributed for free but on the assumption of the name of the track will be written in description under your video.

To listen to a track in good quality \ Download track

«xPixels» — it is not a game! It is an application in the form of game which helps activate every brain neuron step by step! Just start xPixels and begin to work at yourself!

At start two seasons will be represented in xPixels: 1. 10 levels. 2. 12 levels. Everything is built up the following way: one step – two achievements. If you stopped somewhere you can put difficult level off and go back to it later.

In spite of the game hasn’t been let out we are working at the first renewal that will bring the third season and several innovations.

Every new season means opening new levels, new rules of the game and more variants of passing the game.

xPixels is a good combination of quality both visual and musical side but also program level.

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